Aero Social is an exciting application for all the Pilots & Cabin Crew community connecting them in a social media spectrum . Not only it is an exclusive socializing platform but it is an one-stop destination for all relevant utilities for the aviator's community.


    Socialize with colleague and exciting new friends who work in the same industry as you,using our chat and interactive wall feed.


    Get your hands on our comprehensive collection of utilities that will help you with your work related necessities on the go.


    Get ahead of the curve, keep yourself updated with the latest buzz and information about your industry, follow our daily blogs & news.


Upload photos of your memorable visits or flash your fancy location check-ins.Share a blog or simply get an heads up from our daily updates of aviation news and activities around the globe.


Search for new friends from different airlines around the world.Shows all crew in your vicinity and informs you how far are they.Make flight chat groups to communicate seamlessly with the whole flight crew without sharing your personal number.


Calculators for crew rest, time log, wind gradients and BMI calculations. Converters easing seamless conversions between different units of Distance, Speed, Weight, Tempterature & Currencies.Live Metar-Taf and NOTAMS update. Various Aviation guides like Dangerous Goods, Snowtam Decode.etc.

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Shows you all things to do around, restaurants to dine, pubs to chill & clubs to party.Have insights of places by seeing reviews from people of your own community.Get local hourly weather updates.


Aerosocial articulates many services within the application seamlessly delivering the perfect user-experience. Some of the key services which are the heart of the application are:

  • MAP

    A cool descriptive flight map which shows your flights route and cities along.It gives info like flight time, distance, local time and UTC time.

  • Image   AeroBuddies Around

    Shows the crew around your vicinity . start chatting with them right away so that you never feel alone in your next visits.

  • Image   Pilots Corner

    Get Live Metar and TAF Weather updates.
    Up to date NOTAMS info

  • Roster synchroniser

    Syncs your roster with the server and further it helps us to provide the information of the city of your landing, shows you possible friends around and much more. Also SHARE your roster with the friends whom you wish to know your where about.

  • Deal

    We can offer exclusive deals to AeroSocialites in the city of your landing . get discounts from spas to relax and unwind or from the city's favourite restaurants where a reserved table is waiting for you.

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About Us

  • We are a team of Aviation Enthusiasts with a straight and simple vision to serve our aviation community with significant value addition. we offer important utilities in the app that are essential for the pilots and cabin crew community .

  • We also felt that there is a need for a common social network which should cater exclusively to the aviation community and should offer an excellent platform to interact within our tiny community.

  • we have tried to keep it a simple and extremely user-friendly platform with a touch of style. And there will be continuous attempts to improve our product as we are now fully committed towards our community's welfare. So kindly flood us in with your feedbacks .we love to hear from you.

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